Please join us for a magical spring retreat

on mystical Orcas Island, Washington

May 8-12, 2017

Every woman is a Priestess, a Goddess, an embodiment of Divine Love.

Awaken to your true nature.


Dear Ones,

With overflowing love and joy, we invite you to our magical spring retreat, Parting the Veil: Return to Avalon and the Priestess Path. Please join us on enchanted Orcas Island, Washington, for an unforgettable 5-day spiritual and creative journey. We will voyage together to the heart of Avalon and illuminate our true Divine essence.


Does the name awaken a deep longing in your beautiful heart? Do you hear Avalon’s secret songs whispering in your soul, calling you home to a holy remembrance of your luminous light and sacred sovereignty? Do you recall the power of the Priestess Path? 


The mystical isle of Arthurian legend was known as an earthly paradise where eternal spring, health, and harmony flourished. On this enchanted island, magic and miracles reigned. The Priestesses of Avalon were renowned as powerful healers, seers, and oracles. They parted the veils with effortless grace, journeying between the visible and invisible worlds. They knew their power, their sacred soul-calling, and their limitless light. They knew their Divine essence. Some say the sacred ways of Avalon and the priestesses who loved her are long-forgotten, forever lost in the mists of time, myth, and memory. But we, sweet sisters, know otherwise. There is a priestess within us all. For eons, we have carried the memories of Avalon’s holy secrets imprinted in light in our bodies, hearts, and souls. We have promised ourselves and each other that we would awaken those memories when the time was right.

Dear Ones, the time of remembering is now.

Our hurting world is crying out for us to remember our Divine Light, our inherent power, our ancient wisdom, and our deep connection to the natural world. We are healers, teachers, priestesses. We are embodiments of the Divine Feminine and ambassadors of the Goddess. We are needed.

Awaken, beautiful sister. Avalon calls.

Avalon stands as a metaphoric gateway between worlds.
Together, we will cross her mystical threshold.
We will part the veils and voyage over the misty waters of our consciousness to the sacred center of our
hearts and souls where we will find healing, transformation, expansion, and joy.
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