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Dear One,

Welcome to Dancing Heart Art. I’m Katherine, and I’m so happy you are here. I’m a visionary artist, teacher, mother, mystic, healer, writer, eternal optimist, exuberant adventurer, lover of life (and chocolate), seeker of joy, rebel at heart, and devotee of love. I believe in wonder, miracles, and magic. I believe the Divine Feminine is rising within us all. I believe it is our birthright to shine brilliantly, to celebrate our magnificent soul-treasures, and to be loved unconditionally. I believe that each and every one of us is inherently creative, infallibly wise, and capable of so much more than we can begin to imagine. I believe in YOU.

Please join me for a magical and transformative playshop, retreat or travel adventure.

My most heartfelt intention is that my offerings inspire you to . . .


*****Know your light.
*****Ignite your creative fire.
*****Rediscover magic, wonder, and joy.
*****Explore the Mystery.
*****Experience the warmth of belonging and the sweetness of sisterhood.
*****Nourish your body, heart, and soul.
*****Attune to your deep inner wisdom and brilliant intuition.
*****Love all that you are into powerful wholeness—the pain and the joy, the wounds and the gifts, the dark and the light.
*****Birth a new relationship with your heart that honors your hidden passions and forgotten dreams.
*****Discover your sparkling soul treasures and unique gifts.
*****Embrace adventure.
*****Walk your destiny with grace and courage.
*****Dance with infinite possibility.
*****Delight in joyful play and light-hearted exploration.
*****Experience peace, nourishment, harmony, and healing.
*****Align with your authentic power and true soul purpose.
*****Honor your deep worth.
*****Expand your beautiful heart.
*****Empower your voice and speak your truth.
*****Access your healing medicine and transmute heart-and-soul wounds.
*****Celebrate yourself as an embodiment of love and a vessel of illumination.
*****Activate your powers of intention and manifestation.
*****Envision a new life story and a radiant future.
*****Feel alive again.
*****Invite your magical heart to dance.
*****Love and blessings for all! 

With love and joy, I invite you to discover your magnificent, creative self.

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I would love for you to join me for a playshop, retreat or travel adventure.

Welcome to Dancing Heart Art!

Welcome to Dancing Heart Art!


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