Katherine, Julia, and Katie rocked our world at our recent annual 14th conference. Our members were inspired and delighted by the depth of wisdom, insight, playfulness and power they brought to our circle.

To work with a mother and two daughters from our community was such a profound gift for all of us. Many felt it was their favorite gathering yet! We engaged in all kinds of creative activities that took us to a deeper place, and yet it felt like “girl time.” The girls have wisdom beyond their years. Katherine as a mother and teacher is pure compassion, wild heart, and soulful wisdom.

Shiloh Sophia, Founder, Intentional Creativity Foundation and Cosmic Cowgirls, LLC


How grateful I am to have Katherine Witteman as both friend and colleague! Katherine is a master teacher in the field of Intentional Creativity, a painter, a poet, a mother of two artist daughters and a leader of ritual and ceremony for pilgrimages throughout the world, from England to Egypt. Beyond that, however, she is one of the kindest, most generous human beings I have ever known.  Her own life is a testament to the healing power of the arts as a way to transmute suffering in beauty and grief into compassion. She is a wonder at encouraging those who are shy, anxious and riddled with self doubt and criticism  to connect to their inner child to play and find both wisdom and joy. 

Kayleen Asbo, Ph.D, cultural historian, musician, writer, teacher, Mythica Foundation Director 


Katherine’s paintings radiate such a high energetic frequency that I receive a healing when I just glance at them. I have never experienced anything close to it. The vibration is so high and so clearly channeled from the divine realms as a gift and blessing for the world. 

Teresa Kaplan, Carmel, Indiana


Katherine’s heart lights up the world! She is a majestic mystic and gifted painter who creates high-vibrational art for expansive consciousness. Katherine’s luminous paintings radiate exquisite beauty and pure love. They create a deep, felt sense of serenity, peace, and joy!  
With so much love and admiration, 
Jennifer Bowers, Portland, Oregon


Katherine is a talented artist, intelligent and thoughtful human, loving and caring being, and gifted and experienced teacher.  She has a way of guiding and encouraging that brings the best out of whomever she is tending. She sees deeply into the heart and soul of each of her students, honors their brilliance, and encourages each one’s unique creative expression. Katherine often says she can teach anyone to paint. It’s true!

Elaine Chan-Scherer, San Francisco, California


Katherine is one of the most generous and loving souls I’ve ever met.  She is a brilliant teacher—patient, compassionate, and knows how to coax beautiful artwork out of anyone.  Her retreats are magical and deeply healing.  After attending a recent retreat, I felt as if every cell in my body had been filled with love.  Katherine and her work are exquisite.  I recommend her with the highest regard.

Christina Gage, Berkeley, California


Katherine is a true master of blending her knowledge and expertise of art with her spiritual knowledge. Her unique combination creates an alchemy that is deeply transformative. I have had such huge healings, awarenesses and empowering experiences in these joyfilled and beautiful gatherings. Working with Katherine and all she offers is life-changing.

If you are considering one of her workshops I encourage you to listen to your guidance. I was initially nervous because I was one of those people that had trouble drawing a straight line and identified as “not an artist”. Now, I am an embodied artist–not because of how the art looks, but because I create art. AND, I actually love what I have created! Such an unexpected bonus!

Julie V. Brockman, LCS, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Intuitive Counselor, Portland, Oregon


Thank you, Katherine, for taking us on such a magical, creative journey! What a fun celebration of creativity, joy, self-introspection and discovering our gifts to give the world. You are a fabulous teacher. You helped us access with ease what was holding us back at such a deep level, all while we thought we were just having fun creating! With your joyous, positive encouragement and inspiring guidance, we released what was no longer serving us and claimed what suits our highest self. I really didn’t want the class to end!  Thank you for helping me erase all self-doubt I had about not being a painter. This experience has renewed my desire to create and left me so excited for the next workshop. When is it?

Sue Duemling, Wilsonville, Oregon


Katherine’s “Joyful Heart Affirmation Cards” workshop was held on Orcas Island on a deck overlooking the ocean and the islands. It was a warm and sunny day with birds singing. Katherine created a beautiful set-up–brightly colored table cloths with generous room for our art projects, bright red umbrellas for those who preferred the the shade, a magical array of brushes that beckoned to be handled, and a Big Box of paints that invited play and creativity, with the wonderful surprise of brightly colored glitters. Just the creativity and beauty of the set-up or “stage” took my breath away and so delighted me that I knew I would love the workshop!

Katherine presented with clear and magnificent articulation our tasks at hand: to study our old messages that block our joy, to expand our willingness to let go, and to replace our blocks with new creative affirmations . . . and have fun in the process! I became so deeply absorbed in the experience that I slipped into timelessness and felt pure joy in the process of creativity! The outcome was delightful! I have a beautifully visual set of cards I plan to display one by one until I am living each affirmation fully and completely. Thank you so much for a fun, joyful, and life-changing experience. It was a delight and so is Katherine. She is a teacher extraordinaire!

Lina Berntsen, Oregon City, Oregon


With grace and grounded delight, Katherine shares her gifts of Visionary Art and Magical Presence.  From her full heart and boundless joy she creates a welcoming and safe space in which her students are invited and gently guided into their own inner realities, wisdom, and beauty.  A journey with Katherine is pure joy!

Pauline Elice Reif, Lafayette, California


I just spent five magical days dancing with my muse under the creative, wise, and compassionate guidance of Katherine. Everything about this workshop was healing, fun, and insightful. Katherine is very intuitive with each and every participant’s needs and intuitively would adjust the pace and the daily prompts to help each of us

dive deeper in a gentle way in the watery/misty layers of our soul. . . I will be forever in awe of this Intentional Creativity process and the doorways it has created in me to be nurtured and cherished for the rest of my life. I look forward to taking many more classes and retreats with Katherine. She is a very gifted healer and artist and will be a tremendous gift to whoever will cross a lucky path with her.

Caroline Sabi, Portland, Oregon


Katherine created an extraordinary “Dancing with the Muse” workshop. This was a life-changing event that brought about deep healing, personal transformation, and a greater clarity of my highest purpose. The spectacular beauty of Orcas Island set the stage, and we all felt nourished in Katherine’s gorgeous and comfortable home. Each day brought joy, adventure, personal insights, and spiritual awakenings. I hadn’t painted since I was a child so the idea of filling a whole canvas was intimidating. Katherine led the workshop with such mastery and grace that all my fears about painting fell away quickly and easily. I found myself looking forward to each day and painting with great joy. Katherine ignited our creative fire through Morning Cafes, journeys, and basic techniques. Beauty reflected everywhere—in the faces of our sweet sisters, the stunning views of the island, the eye-popping array of colors and tools to shape our canvases.

All of this created a portal through which we could open to receive our muses and their extraordinary gifts. I connected with Mother Mary, our universal mother, in a deep and tangible way that will serve me and my loved ones forever. And I had the great honor of witnessing my sisters transform into their higher, authentic selves, as well. This happened with ease and grace, thanks to Katherine’s ability to hold the class while being flexible and responsive to our needs. Thus she allowed the process to create itself.

The creative journey was deeply revealing and healing. I began the workshop in a state of shock from a personal challenge I’d just gone through and emerged transformed—feeling a greater sense of happiness, confidence, and purpose. My love for myself and others had been awakened. I am deeply grateful for this extraordinary experience that will serve me and the lives I touch forever. I am excited for many more opportunities to paint with Katherine and for the lives she’ll touch in a profound way.

Susan Lennertz, Portland, Oregon


Katherine is an absolutely wonderful mother and teacher (I know because I’m her daughter). It was a true joy to be in her class. Her teachings are inspiring and easy to follow. She welcomes questions about the painting process. Her workshop is so beautifully paced and timed. She emits joy and radiance and is always there to offer words of love and support. Her joy and excitement are contagious and inspire everyone to love painting.

Julia, Portland, Oregon

I would like to share my experience with Katherine Witteman as my painting teacher. The first descriptors that come to mind are joyful, accepting, and positive. Katherine is an excellent communicator with the ability to connect, listen, and lead. She evoked creative expression that I did not know lived within me. I have merely dabbled with paints since my grade school years, but Katherine helped me feel free and confident using color and form. When I hit a wall or got stuck, she guided me onward with steady calm, skill, patience, and love. For me, painting with Katherine was a self-affirming, beautiful experience of many firsts–my hand connecting color, heart, and expression. I am eternally grateful for the power of the Intentional Creativity process and for Katherine’s healing strength and tender presence. Say YES if you have the chance to take a class from Katherine.

Karen Stigler, Seattle, Washington


It was such pleasure attending Katherine’s” Joyful Heart Affirmation Cards” workshop. The setting was delightful. Our cheerful workshop space was wonderfully designed with play in mind. Katherine provided all sorts of art media. She led us through a beautiful, inspiring mediation that helped us discover our old stories and clarify our new vision of our joyful selves. Katherine guided us through the creative process clearly and beautifully. With patience, love, and encouragement, she engaged the whole class in conversation and helped everyone express their unique internal colors. The workshop helped us identify and create affirmations that allowed us to claim our joyful hearts.

Thanks so much, Katherine, for supporting me in creating my Joyful Heart Affirmation Cards which I will hold dear. They support the long-lasting work I did with you.

Sandy Brooks, Quincy, California


Katherine knows how to create a welcoming environment with beautiful surprises and rich opportunities for deep unfolding. Her responsive teaching and mentoring are clear, supportive, and loving. She is a gifted teacher and a compassionate, radiant soul who is so incredibly beautiful in her presence of love.

Mary Scott, Portland, Oregon


Katherine Witteman is a great teacher. She is a natural! I love the way she sets up, organizes, and guides us through each creative process. Her joyful heart makes it fun and easy. I thoroughly enjoy having Katherine as my teacher. She is a delight and I would do another workshop in a heartbeat.

Elizabeth Thorpe, Portland, Oregon


I so enjoyed the “Magical Medicine Basket” workshop and Katherine’s passion and experience that she brought to each of us. The workshop was fun, loving, and supportive. Healing can be a difficult process sometimes, but this was a beautiful, joyful journey through the medium of art. Katherine made me feel special, as she does everyone! Her generous spirit and fun-loving being uplifted the class and allowed us to be all we could be.

The workshop was dynamite!

Aerial Long, Sherwood, Oregon

I thoroughly enjoyed Katherine’s “Joyful Heart Affirmation Cards” workshop. I felt a tremendous shift of energy. I love my cards—they are beautiful and will help reinforce and maintain that shift in consciousness in me. The process was very thorough and used both right and left brain hemispheres, all of my senses, and the painting of the cards integrated it all in a tangible, lasting way.

Katherine was very supportive and encouraging throughout, inspiring us all the way. I liked the gentle drumming, the music, the sacred circle of release and claiming at the end. The group energy deepened the experience and each of our intentions. I so appreciate all of the effort, thought, and love that Katherine put into her facilitation, ensuring that we each had a transformational experience.

Thank you, Katherine.

Ruth Rogers, Washington


Learning to paint with Katherine has improved my life by giving me the opportunity to express myself through creativity. Katherine creates a playful and fun environment where I was comfortable expressing myself with paint and paint brush. To this day, I now own paints and supplies and regularly make time for thoughtful painting. I am forever grateful to Katherine for introducing me to this art form.

Andrea Angell, Lake Oswego, Oregon


Katherine brought warmth and grace to the process and made it a joyful, growthful experience for us all. She is beautifully supportive and encouraging. Her joy and love of this work radiate, making it a pleasure to participate. I will have no reservations recommending Katherine and this work to clients and colleagues.

Johanna Courtleigh, Lake Oswego, Oregon