At every moment, you have a choice, that either leads you closer to your spirit or further away from it.

Thich Nhat Hanh

Welcome, Dear One.

I am a visionary artist, teacher, mother, mystic, healer, writer, eternal optimist, exuberant adventurer, lover of life (and chocolate), seeker of joy, rebel at heart, and devotee of love. I believe in wonder, miracles, and magic. I believe the Divine Feminine is rising empowered within us all. I believe it is our birthright to shine brilliantly, to celebrate our magnificent soul-treasures, and to be loved unconditionally. I believe that each and every one of us is inherently creative, infallibly wise, and capable of so much more than we can begin to imagine. I believe in YOU.

And so, Dear One, what lights up your heart? What makes your radiant soul sing? What gives magic, meaning, and beauty to your “one wild and precious life?” These are the questions that guide and inspire me each day as I embrace the grand adventure called Life.

My greatest passion is expressing my creative soul. Born in Stuttgart, Germany, I have loved art since the day my German nanny gave me my first box of beeswax crayons at age three. That simple gift opened a magical world of rainbow-splendor and infinite possibility. Making art has always been the spark that lights up my heart, filling me with a sense of exuberant joy, grace, and wonder. All forms of creative expression delight me. I love poetry, writing, photography, and painting, most of all. Simply holding a paintbrush in my hand makes my heart dance. Whether I am designing intricate mandalas, creating images that celebrate the Divine Feminine, or splashing vibrant, abstract color onto huge canvasses, the act of creative expression transports me to a magical place of timelessness and divine flow. Surrendering to Spirit, I allow rivers of sacred stardust to flow through my heart and hands onto the canvas, creating images that heal, uplift, and inspire. 


I paint because I love it. But I also paint because my life depends on it. Art saves lives.



This I know to be deeply true. As a child, art was my sanctuary, my lifeline, my connection to the unbroken, sacred parts of myself. Art carried me through the darkest and most difficult periods of my life. The act of creativity connects me to my heart, my voice, and to all that is most holy in myself and in the Universe. With paintbrush in hand, I feel wrapped in the arms of the angels and connected to the whispers of the Divine. Art saves me, healing my body, heart, and soul in ways that nothing else can.

My soul-journey has taken me many places. I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing and International Business and a Master of Arts degree in English Literature with an emphasis on Women Writers and Literary Theory. I have spent nearly two decades deeply immersed in personal healing and spiritual development, studying and training with some of the world’s most powerful energy healers and brilliant metaphysicians. Along the way, I have been blessed to find amazing art teachers who have encouraged my love of art. I am also a mother of two brilliantly wise, creative, and extraordinary daughters who have taught me that motherhood is, by far, the richest, most joyful and most challenging journey of my life. No other experience has opened me more deeply to the healing power of unconditional love and compassion.




I have often wondered how these diverse life experiences fit together. Today, I understand that each part of my path is an essential piece of my journey, leading me closer to my spirit and merging seamlessly into the beautiful mosaic I call my destiny. All my life, I have known two things: that I wanted to be an artist and a teacher. This is my sacred soul-calling. Several years ago, on my birthday, I discovered the magical world of visionary artist and teacher Shiloh Sophia McCloud. On that day, I found a place where my two soul longings—painting and teaching–could fully blossom. Shiloh Sophia and her beloved mentor, master artist and rebel matriarch Sue Hoya Sellars, are the founders of the Color of Woman School and a revolutionary painting method known as Intentional Creativity. This powerful painting process merges the modern and ancient worlds of science and spirit, embracing quantum physics, neurobiology, and metaphysical theory. It has sparked a world-wide creative revolution, inspiring people everywhere to claim their inherent creative genius, unique inner wisdom, and authentic personal power. Through catalytic acts of artistic self-expression, Intentional Creativity allows people to become their own healer, transforming their wounds into gifts of empowerment and expansion and translating their old stories of limitation into magnificent legends of liberation and joy.

As a certified Color of Woman Teacher and Intentional Creativity Coach, it is my honor and joy to share this transformational painting process with you. I offer Intentional Creativity playshops, art retreats, and travel adventures. As a teacher, I offer you my love, nurturance, enthusiasm, joy, and unwavering faith in your innate creative brilliance. It is my privilege and delight to help you heal your heart, discover your hidden soul-treasures, ignite your creative fire, and shine your radiant light. The words of Persian poet Hafiz are my mantra: “I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being.” It is my deepest prayer for each and every one of you to know, without doubt, the “astonishing light of your own being.”

May every choice lead you closer to your spirit.



Blessings and love on your brave, beautiful journey. I hope our paths cross one day.


Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

Mary Oliver