Dear One,

are uniquely beautiful, extraordinary, magnificent, and worthy of unconditional love.

You are lovable.

No matter what.

Let this unshakeable truth sink deeply into your sweet heart

so that you never forget it again.

Dearest Queens and Kings,

With joyful hearts, we invite you to a magical and sacred journey into the heart of self-love. Sometimes, it is not easy to love ourselves, especially the wounded places hidden deep within our hearts. But learning self-love is the most powerful gift we can offer ourselves. Self-love is the foundation of all love. It is the golden gateway to healing, freedom, and joy. It is the path home to our luminous, radiant heart.

Combining profound spiritual teachings with the healing power of Intentional Creativity, we will release old wounds and expand our capacity for ever-deepening self-love. Through a gently guided and inspiring painting process, we will each paint a beautiful image of the Queen of Our Own Heart. Our Queen is the presence of the Divine Mother with us all. Her heart is strong and vast enough to love all that we are. She invites us to remember who we really are. She calls us home to our Divine heart and reminds us that we are beautiful, whole, and worthy of so much love.