An Intentional Creativity playshop to transform our sorrow into joy through

hand-painted affirmation cards.


Joyful Heart Affirmation Cards is a mini playshop designed to transform the stories that hold us back into the stories that call us forward. Each of us is a bright, brilliant, beautiful Goddess. We are not meant to suffer and struggle. We are meant to shine.

Joy is our birthright!

So, let’s use the playful and powerful tool of Intentional Creativity to find the stories that bind us and transform them into stories that set us free–JOYFUL stories of wonder, sweetness, freedom, creative expression, lightness, and love. Let’s find the medicine and the magic antidotes that allow us to embrace our JOY and live the life we dream of.

In this playshop, we will each create a gorgeous, joy-infused affirmation deck that will provide a visual record of our healing journey and a source of inspiration to return to again and again, gently reminding us of our joyful essence and radiant light. Each woman’s affirmation cards will hold the sacred energy of the new, joyful story she is creating for her life.