Angel of Grace: She Lights the Way

by Katherine Witteman


Dear Ones,

With love-filled hearts and trust in healing, we invite you to join us for our first collaborative teaching event, From Grief to Grace: A Journey of Healing. Combining ancient spiritual wisdom with the alchemical magic of Intentional Creativity, we will transform our tears into joy, our heartbreak into healing, and our grief into Grace.

So many of us have experienced profound loss. Perhaps you have experienced the loss of a hope or a dream, a loved one, a friendship, a marriage, a home, a pet, a career, healthy, or financial security. Loss has many faces. While deeply heartbreaking, these experiences are also hoy, for they have the catalyzing over to move us from states of sorrow to states of Divine Grace. St. Teresa of Avila called heartbreak a “beautiful wound.” She believed that the holy beauty and sacred blessing of grief is that it can become a gateway for a mystical opening and a deeper connection with God. While loss often breaks us open, shattering our hearts and lives, ultimately, every loss offers the incomparably beautiful potential for rebirth and a deeper connection to the one thing that can never be lost–the eternal Divine.



You are welcome in our healing circle, dear one. You do not have to travel the terrain of grief alone. Bring your losses, your heartbreaks, and your sorrows. In this sacred sanctuary, you will find freedom, healing, and expansion. You will find love, compassion, and liberated joy. Most of all, you will find the miracle of Grace.

Please join us for this very special 2-day journey as we learn to release our grief and transform our losses into portals of spiritual awakening and expansion. Allow the light of Divine Grace to free you from the darkness of your suffering.

With great love,

Katherine and Lina



“Many of us open dour whole lives running from feeling with the mistaken belief that you can not bear the pain. But you have already borne the pain. What you have not done is feel all you are beyond the pain.”

Khalil Gibran