A Joyful Painting Playshop


June 27 & 28, 2016


Dear Friends,

Come join the MAGIC!

I’m so excited to kick off summer by offering a mother-daughter painting play-shop! For me, one of the most beautiful and joyful ways I connect with my my daughters is through the magic of creative play. It’s amazing how freely they open their hearts when they have a paintbrush in their hands. I’m so happy to share the magic of creativity with you and your children, and I hope you find it as healing and heart-opening as I do. Here’s to making cherished memories with our beloved daughters. 

 A few words about the Muse.

Who is the Muse, you ask? Each of us has our very own Muse. She is our deeply wise, exuberantly playful, irreverently honest, beautifully brilliant, and infinitely loving internal guidance system. She is the voice of our heart. She is the source of our creativity, joy, delight, and inspiration. Her greatest desire is that we open our hearts wide and celebrate our radiant light. 

Let’s meet our magical Muses!

I have so much fun in store for us! We’ll spend two days painting, journaling, writing poetry, dancing, and nurturing our imaginations. We’ll wear flowers in our hair, sprinkle our paintings with glitter, and eat chocolate cupcakes, too!


At the end of our time together, you will have a 22 x 28 painting of your very own Muse. Your Muse painting will hold the symbolic and visual record of your journey of self-discovery. You can return to her again and again to remember your beauty, your light, and your possibility. 


If you’ve never painted before, fear not. No painting experience is necessary. I will guide you on gentle, step-by-step painting process and I promise you’ll love the results.


 Magic Awaits!

With love and joy,