Cosmic Cowgirls 14th Annual Conference

SOUL POWER: Celebrate Your Inner Wonder Woman

Sonoma, California

March 29, 30, 31, 2019


At the heart of Cosmic Cowgirls is the idea that we can TRANSFORM our lives into legends. 

What would your life be like if you embodied your soul purpose? 

What would you create if you lived a soul-aligned life full of presence, passion, and power?

Did you know that every woman is a superhero who possesses unique soul gifts that can change the world?
Did you know that every woman is a Wonder Woman? 

We are honored and elated to be invited by our beloved mentor and Intentional Creativity founder, Shiloh Sophia, to host this year’s annual Cosmic Cowgirls Gathering. If you are already a Cosmic Cowgirl, grab your dancing boots and join us for a magical weekend of creativity, merriment, sisterhood, and joy!

And if you aren’t a member of this amazing tribe, join us. You are welcome in our joyful circle. In fact, one of the things we LOVE most about Cosmic Cowgirls is that everyone is welcome exactly as they are. It’s a safe place where each and every one of us can shine in all our unique, sparkling, colorful glory.

So, come, wonderful sisters. Celebrate the WONDER that is YOU!

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