Heart of the Goddess

A Sacred Pilgrimage to Mystical Avalon


The Mythic British Isles: Heart Chakra of Mother Earth

May 9-22, 2020


Journey through the magical mists of Avalon home to your 

awakened heart and deep remembering.

You are an embodiment of Divine Love and Sacred Illumination.

Awaken to your true nature.

Dear Sisters and Brothers of Avalon,


Is Avalon calling you home to a holy remembrance of your luminous light and pure divine essence?


With love and joy, we invite you to journey with us on a magical pilgrimage to the enchanted land of Avalon–the heart chakra of our beloved Mother Earth. Here, where the veils are thin and the whispers of Spirit sing us home, we will awaken our ancient roots, activate the divine light codes imprinted in our hearts, and anchor our soul-purpose as vessels of illumination and embodiments of love.
Walk with us in the Way of Love as we follow in the footsteps of the Magdalene and the Priestesses of Avalon who traveled this path before us. Return to the temple of your brave, tender heart where you will reclaim your radiance, splendor, and sacred sovereignty.
In this pivotal shifting of the ages, we must boldly summon the powers of unconditional love and divine grace to create a new world of grounded harmony, balance, and peace that honors both the divine feminine and masculine within us all–empowered, whole, and healed.

Come, dear Sisters and Brothers, do you hear the call?

The Spirit of Avalon welcomes us home.

The Mother embraces us with loving arms. It is time to return to the magnificent power of our holy hearts. It is time to embody higher consciousness, divine union, unconditional love, and sacred joy.

The new world celebrates our awakening.

We’d love for you to join us for this extraordinary journey of deep remembering and sacred homecoming.



Katherine, Lina, and Brad


Magical Memories from Heart of the Goddess 2019

Love is the only prayer I know.

Marion Zimmer Bradley, The Mists of Avalon

Magical Sacred Sites

Explore. Discover. Dream.


Mystical Glastonbury Tor

Imagine dancing with your beautiful soul sisters and brothers on the windswept Tor, the sacred hill at the heart of the Isle of Avalon. In the valley below, the emerald green “Summerlands” stretch to the horizon. The magical mists swirl around us, whispering sacred songs and ancient secrets that carry us home to our awakened hearts and true divine essence. The Spirits of Avalon embrace us with unconditional love as we gather on the ancient hill in sacred circle and deep meditation. 

Divine healing music lifts us beyond the veil.

Here, where the powerful Michael and Mary ley lines intersect, all initiations and intentions are catalyzed, creating sacred space for us to embody our radiant sovereignty and welcome divine manifestation.

Sacred Chalice Well Gardens


The Chalice Well’s water still holds the same miraculous healing powers it held thousands of years ago.

We’ll be blessed with private garden access, a potent group meditation, and a sacred concert by mystical musician, Michael Tyack. Each note of Michael’s beautiful, healing music is a holy vibration with the unique power to transport us into divine realms and open us to the healing light encoded in the well’s holy water.
The beautiful gardens and mystical waters of this living sanctuary will lift us into expanded states of deep connection, peace, bliss, and love. Wandering through the gardens, we’ll have private time to anchor our transformation through art journaling, dreaming, and contemplation.

Glastonbury Abbey and the Magdalene Chapel

Two thousand years ago on this sacred land, Mary Magdalene and Joseph of Arimathea taught The Way of Love and seeded the promise of awakened consciousness.

The heart of the Magdalene can still be felt in the Glastonbury Abbey and the Magdalene Chapel, where the poor and the ill were welcomed and healed. In this quaint, sacred chapel, where the love of the Magdalene is encoded in the ancient walls, mystical musician, Michael Tyack, will serenade us with the heavenly, healing sounds of his hammered dulcimer.

As we heal our hearts, we heal the world.


Enchanted Avalon Apple Orchards

Nestled at the foot of the Tor, the ancient Avalon Apple Orchards await our return.

A meditative walk and powerful healing ceremony will ignite our radiant hearts. Through sacred intention, we’ll activate and anchor the luminous light codes of a unified and healed Sacred Feminine-Sacred Masculine paradigm. Blossoming into the empowered template bearers that we are, we’ll seed the awakened energy for a new world of love, peace, harmony, and balance.



Majestic Stonehenge & Avebury

Private access to mystical Stonehenge will allow us to intimately experience the “timeless dream” of this ancient and magical wonder.

Like all sacred sites, it is said that the ancient spirits of these mystical power points know us by heart and await our return. As we gather in sacred circle for a healing meditation, shamanic drumming, and sacred sound ritual, we’ll feel the spirits of the stones come alive, surrounding us with love, profound wisdom, messages, and medicine that have been held through the ages.

We’ll “seed light,” alive with our prayers and intentions, into this sacred land for personal and planetary healing. The energy of love and high consciousness we’ll anchor into the Michael and Mary ley lines, representing the divine feminine and divine masculine, will travel around the world, amplifying our intentions for peace, love and healing for all. 

After our sacred communion with Stonehenge, we’ll understand why this majestic “Temple of the Sun” is considered one of the marvels of the ancient world.

Our pilgrimage will lead us next to neighboring Avebury–the largest Neolithic sacred stone circle in the world–for a private guided tour with Peter Knight, renowned visionary and sacred sites scholar. We’ll explore West Kennet Avenue Long Barrow and enter the 5,500 year-old tomb–the womb of the Earth Goddess–for a powerful ceremony of sacred drumming and circle dance.

Magical Dartmoor Woods and Enchanted St. Nectan’s Glen

A meditative walk through the mystical fairy forest to the enchanted St. Nectan’s Glen will transport us into magical realms.

Arriving at the majestic 60 foot waterfall deep in the heart of the forest, we’ll feel a sweet sacredness and connection to all life. Here, where it is said that the 5th Century Celtic Christian St. Nectan blessed the Knights of the Round Table before their quest for the Holy Grail, we too will anoint our sisters and brothers for our own holy quest—the search for harmony, wholeness, and divinity within.

Legendary Tintagel Castle and Merlin’s Cave

In this stunning landscape, we’ll explore the living legends of Merlin, King Arthur, Queen Guinevere, and the Knights of the Round Table to awaken our power, purpose, and connection to the realms of magic, peace, and harmony.

We’ll rediscover the holy codes of nobility: integrity, fairness, harmony, compassion, and love, and weave them into our personal and collective reality. Returning to the birthplace of King Arthur upon the vast sea of infinite possibilities, we too will birth a new world and our own liberated sense of self.

We’ll explore the magic and mystery of Merlin’s cave embedded deep in the ancient rocks. The shimmering light on the towering cave walls and the calming hum of the ocean tide will evoke our own magical powers. Merlin created a life of harmony, compassion, and love. We have the power to do the same.

Breathtaking Cornwall

Charming seaside villages, awe-inspiring cliffs, and beautiful beaches will enchant and inspire us.

Our Glorious Accommodations

Near the charming hamlet of Glastonbury, we’ll stay at a luxury English Country Manor with a spa and award-winning restaurant.

Situated on 36 acres of exquisite gardens and parkland, the beautiful manor house and grounds are so quintessentially English that you’ll feel as if you’ve stepped right into the pages of a Jane Austen novel. High tea, anyone?

We’ll dine together in the elegant dining room and enjoy three delicious, gourmet meals and a traditional English high tea each day.

All meals are included.

Our beautifully appointed, garden view, en-suite rooms are fit for royalty.

Gorgeous single or double occupancy rooms will welcome us home after our daily adventures.

Are you ready to answer the call of your heart?

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Our Very Own English Country Manor House

In the charming region of Cornwall, we’ll luxuriate in our very own English Country Manor House with beautiful gardens, walking paths, and pool. An award-winning chef will cater all our meals. Delightful single or double occupancy rooms will welcome us home after our daily adventures.

Our Extraordinary Guides

Lina Berntsen, Katherine Witteman, and Brad Laughlin


LINA BERNTSEN, M.A. is a gifted channel with over 40 years of experience working with a group of ascended Master teachers known as “The Guides.” Lina has worked with people from all walks of life to help them heal, to understand themselves, and to grow spiritually and psychologically. She has taught classes and workshops nationally and internationally, and has helped thousands of people to open their hearts and transcend into higher states of consciousness.


. is a visionary artist, certified Color of Woman Teacher, and Intentional Creativity Coach. A life-long art lover, mystic, and healer, Katherine’s greatest passion is sharing the profound joy and magical healing power of art with her beloved students. An inspiring teacher for over 20 years, Katherine holds a Masters in English Literature. She can teach absolutely anyone to paint. Consider her your loving creativity mentor and enthusiastic cheerleader. Learn more about Katherine at www.dancingheartart.com

is the Executive Director of the international non-profit organization, CoreLight, which is dedicated to fostering outer peace through developing personal inner peace. For over 20 years he has taught classes and coauthored books, based on the principles of nonduality. Brad facilitates journeys to sacred sites worldwide and is a co-founder of Seeds of Light, which serves marginalized communities and AIDS orphans in South Africa. He has a B.S. degree from Duke University and when not with his life-partner, Leslie Temple-Thurston, in South Africa, is offering events in other parts of the world.

Meet our Amazing Guest Mystics, Musicians, Scholars and Artists

Pauline Elice Reif, Michael Tyack, and Peter Knight 

Pauline E. Reif

Pauline Elice Reif, M.A., M.F.A is a visionary artist trained in the Intentional Creativity lineage, a poet, playwright, children’s book author and a scholar of the Divine Feminine, Mary Magdalene, and the lineage of the Dark Mothers. She’s the creator of the Sacred She, a women’s group exploring and honoring the Sacred Feminine and the Heart of Belonging. Love is her home, her heart and the hearth from which all of her art and teaching grows.

Michael Tyack

Mystic, scholar, and sacred sound musician extraordinaire, Michael’s holy music transports us into the healing arms of the Divine. Michael explains the power of sacred sound this way: “Musical harmony is the divine source behind all creation and mathematically unfolds through the power of the number nine. With love and dedication to fine tuning, the hammered dulcimer resonates in magical majesty, sending waves of purity through the heart.”


Peter Knight

Researcher of ancient wisdom, author of 11 books, and renowned sacred sites guide, Peter’s wisdom, enthusiasm, and brilliance are legendary. An authority of ancient landscape, he weaves his vision and inspiration into his many books and lectures. Learn more about the extraordinary Peter Knight here: www.stoneseeker.net/AboutUs#PeterKnight

Our Magical Journey


Our dreamlike Avalon pilgrimage will be a glorious weaving of

spiritual teachings

sacred ceremony

Intentional Creativity

healing music

powerful meditation

exquisite nurturance

sacred site adventures

divine expansion

joyful discovery

personal and planetary healing


Every aspect of our sublime journey has been infused with love and sacred intention,
calling us home to our own radiant heart and true divine essence.

Come, dear Sisters and Brothers, join us for this unforgettable adventure of a lifetime.

We welcome you with open arms and joy-filled hearts.



Katherine, Lina, and Brad


Avalon of the Heart

It is to this Avalon of the heart the pilgrims still go.
Some in bands, knowing what they seek.
Some alone, with the staff of vision in their hands,
awaiting what may come to meet them on this holy ground.
None go away as they came.
~Dion Fortune


Yes! This sounds magical!

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A Note about Sacred Heart Journaling™


Inspired by divine guidance, Katherine developed Sacred Heart Journaling™—an intuitive process that combines prayer, poetry, meditation, journaling, energy painting, and Intentional Creativity. Sacred Heart Journaling™ is a powerful way to align with our inner wisdom and attune to the mystical, healing energy of sacred sites. We’ll learn to paint energy and light and receive the divine information encoded within it. We’ll discover and deepen techniques called soul writing and soul sketching.

Like all sacred pilgrimages, our journey to Avalon is a divine appointment. The spirits of holy places remember us by heart and have been patiently awaiting the promise of our return. They hold ancient wisdom, sacred messages, and healing medicine to accelerate our expansion and align us with our soul purpose. Sacred Heart Journaling™ is a magical doorway that invites us to commune intimately with the energy and spirit of each site we’ll visit. Like old friends, they’ll welcome us home and celebrate our awakening.

Before our pilgrimage begins, you will receive a delightful gift box filled with everything you’ll need to begin Sacred Heart Journaling™. Each day, we’ll weave in relaxed time to nourish our artistic play-practice, spark creative inspiration, awaken inner vision, and connect with Spirit. We’ll each create glorious, hand-painted journals that hold the sacred energy and magical memories of our mystical pilgrimage.


What better way to cherish, honor, and remember our beautiful journey home to our radiant hearts?




I have called upon the Goddess and found her within myself.

Marion Zimmer Bradley, The Mists of Avalon

To Part the Mists

The path to the top of the Tor
Is also the spiraled way to the woman within
A journey of growth, empowerment,
And self-understanding

Voyage to the Source . . . the Center . . . the Goddess . . .
She whose Name can only be found in the silence of the soul
Delve into your darkness. . . enter your pain
Conquer your fears . . .
Call the Barge to take you
To the Holy Island of Healing which resides within . . .
And emerge renewed

The Mysteries of Avalon are alive

Her Apples are red and sweet . . .

Do you dare take a bite?

Become the Woman you were born to be . . .
Remember . . .

~Jhenah Telyndru


Love and Avalon blessings,

Katherine, Lina, and Brad


If this retreat calls to your beautiful heart . . .

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What are people saying about last year’s life-changing Avalon adventure?

I have never been on a journey that has been so soul-healing, fun, expansive, and joyful. It blew me open, expanded my heart, and filled me with pure bliss.  Connecting with sacred sites in England and soul travels helped me reach another state of consciousness. I’m in pure joy and gratitude to be here now.  Thank you for creating a magical experience.  I love you.

~Audi Aniya

This pilgrimage has been profoundly transformational. From the first I heard about this pilgrimage I felt a deep call to return to Avalon. I feel infinitely blessed to have made this journey. 

~~Jan Martindale

The Avalon retreat has been an amazing journey. I learned so much about myself, about the masculine and feminine balance, and about being in a community of beautiful souls of both men and women. My heart is full of gratitude for all the many gifts I have received. I feel so blessed and so healed and expanded now. 

~Elizabeth Thorpe

A once-in-a-lifetime experience filled with love and joy. It was a true blessing and I appreciate all the loving intention, effort, attention to detail, and thoughtfulness that went into creating this wonderful and transformative experience.  

~Brad Bowers

Your pure, loving, generous hearts created an atmosphere of inclusivity, caring, and deep love. What magical experiences and thoughtfulness of planning. Thank you for creating a conscious, awakening, and life-changing pilgrimage.

~Julie Brockman

My heart is overflowing with love for you from a spirit filled, divinely inspired, luxurious, bountiful, and magical voyage. So much love and gratitude in my Avalon heart. You are all such loving beings. Thank you for being in my life and lifetimes, and for organizing our divine appointment.  

~Jen Bowers

I knew this pilgrimage would be glorious, but I had no idea how every step of the way I would be meant with such deep homecoming. I have never felt more deeply at home in my body as I have in this place with these people, my dear sisters and brothers on the journey. Magic at every step . . . and holding it all is a profound sense of homecoming in my body, heart, and soul.

~Pauline Reif